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4047, Georgiou A. Str, "Galatex Beach Center" Limassol, Cyprus



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Limassol is a buzzing and sophisticated city, famed for its fantastic nightlife and intriguing cultural sites.

Cyprus' second-largest city is ideal for travelers seeking to indulge in cosmopolitan restaurants and bars, as well as those hoping to discover the island's compelling history.
Take a walk through the city’s Old Town and shop for traditional handicrafts and products, which are sold along the cobblestone streets.
Explore the city’s Turkish heritage at the 16th-century Grand Mosque or follow the pleasant waterfront promenade to see the Sculpture Park.
At the center of the Old Town, you’ll find the modest 16th-century Limassol Castle.
Best known as the place where Richard the Lionheart married Berengaria of Navarre, this ancient castle has been renovated into a museum of medieval artifacts. Browse collections of armor, pottery and sculptures or see the views from the castle’s rooftop terrace.
Take a trip east of Limassol to visit the Amathus Ruins, one of the island’s most important archeological sites. Walk through the remains of the city’s agora and admire the ancient Acropolis ruins. A little further east you’ll find Kolossi Castle, the original production center of Cyprus’s famous Commandaria dessert wine.
Save time to see the Kourion Ruins, which are located west of the city. Take a look at the intricate mosaics decorating the site’s centuries-old villas and catch a performance at the restored 3rd-century amphitheater. Don’t leave without experiencing Limassol’s exciting nightlife at the bars found along the illuminated waterfront. Sample typical Cypriot dishes like sheftalia, which is grilled sausage made with pork, lamb, onions and parsley, at a charming taverna.
One of the best times of year to visit Limassol is during the Apokreo Festival, the biggest carnival in Cyprus, which takes place 2 weeks before Greek Orthodox Lent. If you visit during the summer, be sure to see the Limassol Wine Festival in late August, when local wineries offer tastings and traditional dances are performed.
Limassol is well connected to both Paphos and Larnaka airports.

The Limassol Marina, Cyprus

You should necessarily go to the pier Limassol Marina!
Limassol Marina – is a unique, luxurious project in Cyprus with a berth and the largest modern infrastructure. Splendid yachts, gorgeous boutiques, various shops, restaurants and cafes suited to every fancy.
Neat, clean streets, cultural center, where different events are held, yacht school.
A beautiful place where both locals and tourists come to have dinner in the evening. On the pier Limassol Marina everyone will find something to get interested in and will not remain indifferent.
Limassol is the best place for a holiday! 

Kourion, Cyprus

Kourion - an ancient city in Cyprus near modern Limassol, it is an excellent place to look back in time.
Magnificent buildings, bathhouses, mosaic, amphitheater. Everything from the history books can be seen here with one’s own eyes.
Kourion was one of the city-states in the ancient times till 3-2 millennia B.C.
House of Achilles and House of the Gladiators, Greko-Roman theater, ruins of the stadium built in the 2nd century A.D. and Apollo’s sanctuary are waiting for you.
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Ladies Mile, Limassol, Cyprus

The beach Ladies Mile (or Lady`s Mile) – the largest and one of the most beautiful Cyprus’s beach, whose shore lies almost five kilometers in length.
  Sandy-and-pebble spit stretches for seven kilometers from a new Limassol’s port till peninsula Akrotiri’s military base.
On weekdays you have a chance to find yourself there in a sudden and for that reason in a more pleasant solitude.
The beach is sandy closer to the port and the sea bed steeply drops. However, further the coast turns into the sandy oasis with shallow and very warm sea. The water is amazingly clear without any breakwaters.
There are a few restaurants on the beach serving plain but tasty Cyprian food. Is there a need to say that their prices are far less lower than in the tourist areas? The beach has another unique advantage: it borders on one of the island’s two salt lakes.
It is a rare ecosystem protected by law. Birds of very different species can be observed all the year round, so it makes sense to take binoculars or a camera with good lens.
Ladies Mile has been awarded with prestigious Blue Flag of EU for cleanliness.

Limassol, Cyprus

There is wide choice a of opportunities for active recreation and leisure time around in the district around Limassol, at the same time warm weather and diversity of landscapes signify that neither on land nor on water you will feel lack of entertainment and interesting activities.
Spend your day sunbathing on the beach or try any of various watersports from water ski and windsurfing to scuba diving, fishing and yachting.
Not far from the yacht resort there is diverse sport infrastructure including golf courses. A 17-kilometer alley stretching along coastline is perfect for bike rides.
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Taxi services from Larnaca and Phafos airport.
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The best Cyprus Golf Club and Resort.

Rating of the best golf clubs in Cyprus
It is your guide in the golf world in the Cyprus golf courses.
In this topic we want to present to you 3 best Cyprian golf clubs.
The first place in the ranking among golf clubs in Cyprus is "APHRODITE HILLS GOLF CLUB AND RESORT".
A recreation and golf center that earned various awards.
The standard for the champions course with 18 holes, 350-meter two-sided training ground, 4 greens with traps, courses for a short training game and 3 academic holes.
The club is served by several Golf PRO.
There is also a huge building of the club itself with a restaurant-bar and terraces with a view of the courses.
It is one of the best 7-hole courses for a three-stroke par in Europe.
A branded hole, named Signature hole, is located down below the canyon at the site, planted with olive trees. It is this hole to which my highest recommendations relate to!
From Town House "Happy Harbor" only 30 minutes by car to the golf club "APHRODITE HILLS GOLF CLUB AND RESORT"
We wish a good game to everyone in the "APHRODITE HILLS GOLF CLUB AND RESORT"!
On the second place in our rating among golf clubs in Cyprus is - "SECRET VALLEY GOLF CLUB".
The club Secret Valley Golf Club (Cyprus) is located in close proximity to Aphrodite’s place of «birth», Petra tou Romiou.
This golf club falls into the category of the most splendid ones on the island, it was opened in 1996.
The course is situated among the lush green trees and beautiful cliffs. There is a wonderful restaurant Driving Rang and a magnificent 18-hole golf course.
The golf club is in five-minute drive from APHRODITE HILLS GOLF CLUB AND RESORT. 
From Town House "Happy Harbor" only 40 minutes by car to the golf club "SECRET VALLEY GOLF CLUB"
We wish a good game to everyone in the "SECRET VALLEY GOLF CLUB"!
Next beautiful best Golf Club on the Cyprus - "ELEA GOLF CLUB"
One of the most significant new European golf clubs of recent years Elea Golf Club in vicinity of Paphos (Cyprus).
This impressive club lies above the Mediterranean Sea and can boast of the elaborate design by six-time winner sir Nick Faldo.
One of the golf-club’s sights are exquisite dishes in a classy restaurant overlooking seascape and golf courses.
There are the most interesting and complicated golf courses in Cyprus with 18 holes.
From Town House "Happy Harbor" only 45 minutes by car to the golf club "ELEA GOLF CLUB"
We wish a good game to everyone in the "ELEA GOLF CLUB"!

Vikla Golf and Country Club

Vikla Golf Club invites you to come and spend a day with us in some of Cyprus' most serene countryside.
The course is rated by the EGA and Vikla Golf club is part of the Cyprus Golf Federation.
An excellent club for the whole family located not far from Limassol (Cyprus), in the district of Vikla Village.
There are 18 holes on the club’s course, 68 pars.
Vikla is targeted at service delivery both to families with children and to serious golf players.
Unique views of Cyprus’s mountain mass, all courses are located at different heights. In comparison with other clubs, there are no obligatory requirements for dress-code and a handicap certificate is not needed.
You can reach the golf club in 30 minutes by car from Happy Harbor Town House, Limassol.
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